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150 Richest Cities in the World, 2005 .html
1492: An Ongoing Voyage at Library of Congress .html
2007/2008 Human Development Index" .pdf
2007/2008 Human poverty index: developing countries .pdf
The Amazon Challenge .htm
Amazon deforestation figures from the government of Brazil .html
Amazon in Perspective - Integrated Science for a Sustainable Future .html
Amazon Rainforest Forever  youtube
The Amazon: The world's Largest Rainforest .com
Andean Links
A Not so Splendid Little War .htm
Aparelho - Produ??o Audiovisual Independente na Amaz?nia
The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America
Archivo Fotografico Courret .htm
Argentine Presidential Messages.html
ArteHistoria – Cronicas de America
Artehistoriacom channel  
Atlantic Forest (covered Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay) that is almost extinct.pdf
Google video search: Aztec
Bay of Pigs.html
Beisbol Diplomacy.html
Belize Center for Environmental Studies e97 .html
Belize 2000 Housing and Population Census .inl
Bibliography on water resources – Amazonas .php
Biblioteca Virtual do Estudante de L?ngua Portuguesa
A Biological Assessment of Parque Nacional Noel Kempff Mercado, Bolivia .htm
Borracha para ? Vit?ria Video
Brasileiros no Exterior — Portal da C?mara dos Deputados.html
Brazil - Improving quality basic education for children in Brazil's Amazon Region.html
Brazilian Artist's open letter on the Amazon Deforestation
Brazilian Government Document Digitization Project.edu
Brazilian Hydrograph - Hydroelectric power station.htm
Brazilian Rivers .html
Brocolis - v?deos independentes de S?o Paulo (SP) .net
Cai?aras, caboclos and natural resources: rules and scale patterns.php
Campanha europ?ia para a mudan?a de clima.htm
Caraj? Indians - Ilha do Bananal.html
Causes and consequences of deforestation in Ecuador .htm
Chile: Moving Towards a Migration Policy.org
Chile and the United States.htm
CIA - The World Factbook -- Field Listing - Religions. Html
CIA and Assassinations: The Guatemala 1954 Documents.html
CIA library publication.html
Ciencias quimicas y farmaceuticas.html
CIFOR, 1997. Forests under adjustment in Bolivia,Cameroon, and Indonesia
Clave: The African Roots of Salsa".htm
Collections search at Smithsonian Institution.aspx
Colonial Bank Correspondence, 1837-1885 .cfm
Colonel Byron Disrael Lima Estrada.edu
Combinando fortalezas en la Iniciativa Amaz?nica .pdf
Composici?n ?tnica de las Tres ?reas Culturales del Continente Americano... .pdf
International Congress of Americanists (51st : Santiago, Chile: July 14-18, 2003)
III Congreso Europeo de Latinoamericanistas Amsterdam, 3-6 July 2002
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientficas (CSIC, Spain)
Congreso Mundial de latinoamericanistas y Cariblogos (26-29 June 2001)
Congreso Internacional de Americanistas (50th : Warsaw : 2000)
Conservation: A Perfect Storm in the Amazon Wilderness.pdf
Country Overview: El Salvador.html
CONDESAN Peru e96 .html
C?pia digitalizada do Acordo de Washington.html
Coral Cay Conservation Castro Speech Database.html
Cristovam Buarque .html
Cubans Abroad, Radiojamaica.com
Cuban Heritage Digital Collection .html
Cuban Missile Crisis .edu
Daddy Yankee leads the reggaeton charge.
Data on natural resources and social and economic circumstances in the Andean countries htm
Declara??o final dos povos ind?genas participantes do encontro xingu vivo para sempre.pdf
Death of Che Guevara.html
Diaries of Sir William Young.html
Diccionario etnoling??stico y gu?a bibliogr?fica de los pueblos ind?genas sudamericanos .pdf
Digital Library of the Caribbean.com
Documento dos povos ind?genas da bacia do xingu ? justi?a federal.pdf
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Remittances for Development .asp
Dossier: La for?t en Amazonie, une histoire Holoc?ne tr?s mouvement?e.html
Earthmovers of the Amazon
El Poder de la Palabra
Environmental Performance Index 2008
Exerc?cios fotogr?ficos de Lu? Gabriel, de Bel?m (PA)
Estatistica ppopulacao trabalho e rendimento.pdf
Especiais - Ag?ncia Brasil .htm
European Organic Standard
Federal Communications Commission FCC
First judgment of Sister Dorothy  youtube
Folha Amaz?nica Boletim do Programa LBA.pdf
Fondos Ambientales .asp
Forbes: Chavistas in Quito.html
Forum social mondial: Bel?m ? l'heure indienne video
Free Speech TV
Frida Kahlo Roots Sets $5.6 Million Record at Sotheby's.html
Frost Over The World - President Lula |Sir David Frost | 08 Jun 07 youtube
FUNBIO - Brazilian Biodiversity Fund .htm
Fundacao Vitoria Amazonica.html
Funny and Educative videos swf
GB On line Mesoamerica
Geographic information systems (GIS) technology .htm
Getty Images
Gli italiani in Brasile.pdf
Greenpeace Petition against Amazon Deforestation
Guatemalan Death Squad Dossier .html
Guatemalan Military: What the US Files Reveal.html
Guide to Cooperation between Latin American and European Universities.pdf
"Guide to Latin Music".htm
GZT – Glossary
GZT Indigenous Peoples
Hakani... A Voice for Life youtube
The Hakluyt Society
The Hispanic Society of America
Hutchison Picture Library
Heitor Villa-Lobos - Leadership Medica..htm
Hispanic or latino origin by specific origin.gov
Human Development Report, UNDP
Google video search: Inca
Indigenous Studies Virtual Library (Center for World Indigenous Studies)
In Search of Promised Land (Nas Terras do Bem Vir?) youtube
Information Management – Biological Collections of Amazonia.gov
Internationalization of Amazonas1youtube
Introdu??o ao estudo da m?sica ind?gena Brasileira / Helza Cam?u.cfm 
IPS: Brazil-Gov't Reexamines Decree on Reservation.html
Italiani in Brasile, 25 milioni di oriundi Italplanet .asp
Journey Into Amazonia
Jacques Cousteau expedition in Amazons Jungle, Brazil 1982 (Portuguese) youtube
Jacques Cousteau expedition in Amazons Jungle, Brazil 1982 (English) youtube
Jaguar Creek Environmental Center, Target Earth, Belize  .html
Julio Miranda Vidal: (2007) Ciencia y tecnolog?a en Am?rica Latina.net
Julio Etchart
Kennedy and Castro.html
Latin America at the End of Politics.com
La brutalidad amplificada por los medios de comunicaci?n caus? una epidemia de vacas locas... .html
La regi?n sigue siendo la m?s desigual del mundo, seg?n Cepal.htm
Latin music returns to America with wave of new pop starlets".html
LAIA Free Trade Agreement
Latin American Films at First Run/Icarus Films.html
Latin American Pamphlet Digital Collection .edu
Linking the Americas .edu
Legislacion Mexicana 1687-1901 web
Latin American Microform Project - University of Chicago
Latino-Latin American Video Archive.org
Latin Americans at nobelprize.org
Latin American and Spanish Studies Films and Videos at UCSD
Logging, Deforestation and Carbon Accounting in the Amazon.shtml
List of Indigenous Organizations at Amazonas.ftp
List of countries by intentional homicide rate  .org
Latin American Cinema Guide
Make the Dirt Fly.html
Manaus Journal, For the Rubber Soldiers of Brazil, Rubber Checks NYT
Mapping Tropical Deforestation - MacArthur Foundation.htm
Maquipucuna Foundation .html
Massive immigration of European Argentina Uruguay Chile Brazil .pdf
Maya: the Guatemalan Indian Centre
The Maya Astronomy Page
Google Videos search: Maya
Maya Research Programm
The Meatrix
MED Mayan Epigraphic Database Project
Medicinal herbs and the plundering of the Amazon.htm
Migration News .php
MOFA: Japan-Brazil Relations .gov
Mongabay Latin_America.htm
NAMAC US National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture
NAMIC US National Association for Mult-Ethnicity in Communications
Native Networks .htm
NativeWeb, resources for indigenous cultures around the world
?e'?ndy: Diccionario Guaran? Interactivo Indian Languages
Oficinas Comerciales
Google video search: Olmec
Paper Tiger Television Video Activism
Panos Pictures
Paul McCartney interview and song about Chico Mendes (the rubber tapper) youtube
Peru in the Eye of the Storm.edu
Petrobras, ISO .stm
Pictures of the Amazon Rainforest .html
Plano Amaz?nia Sustent?vel.pdf
As pol?ticas p?blicas de imigra??o europ?ia n?o-portuguesa para o Brasil.htm
Pstalker migration.htm
Pororoca: Surfing on the Amazon youtube
PPG-7 The World Bank-administered Pilot Program to Conserve the Brazilian Rain Forest .org
Programa Piloto para a Prote??o das Florestas Tropicais do Brasil. gov
Projects in Amazonas.org
Pueblos Ind?genas en Chile - Censo 2002 - Instituto Nacional de Estad?stica INE .pdf
Puerto Rican Needleworkers during the New Deal.html
Puerto Rico at the Dawn of the Modern Age .html
Quality-of-life index The World in 2005 .pdf
Radios.com.br Brazilian and World Radio and Television Links
Retablo de Literatura Chilena
Of Rubber and Blood in Brazilian Amazon.NYT
Samba Choro
Smithsonian Global Sound
Second judgment of Sister Dorothy youtube
II Semin?rio Povos Ind?genas e Sustentabilidade
Social Identity - Marta Fierro Social Psychologist .edu
South America: Postindependence overseas immigrants.com

Siamazon?a - Sistema de Informaci?n de la Diversidad Biol?gica y Ambiental .org
Surfing the Pororoca in Amazon, Mearim and Araguari Rivers  youtube
South American Pictures
Sue Cunningham Photographic
T? falado:Brazlian Portuguese Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish.edu
Table containing Oil companies in indigenous territories .html
Tapping Masculinity: Labor Recruitment to the Brazilian Amazon during World War II .pdf
Teleaire Videostreaming Directorio de Canales en Vivo
Telenovela World
They killed Sister Dorothy youtube
Top 30 urban agglomeration GDP rankings in 2005 and illustrative projections to 2020.pdf
Tribal Eye
Tristes Tropiques .html
Tropical Forest Conservation Act.html
Tulane University Latin American Photographic Archive
UNDP Human Development Report: economic higher" .org
UNDP Human Development Report: Carbon dioxide emissions and stocks".pdf 
UNICEF - Local_Solutions_Global_2003.pdf
Universia Noticias Principales.edu
UNTWO World Tourism Barometer, Vol.5 No.2" .pdf

U.S. Census Bureau: Hispanic Population of the United States .html
US Policy in Guatemala, 1966-1996.docs
US blocks forest protection plan .stm
Video in the Villages. N.D. Mission.htm
Video explicativo de la UNASUR youtube
World Wildlife Fund Ja? National Park Project .htm
War of Pacification in Amazonia documentary
World Database on Protected Areas.cfm
Zapatistas! Documents of the New Mexican Revolution.edu
The 36th Annual Midwest Conference on Andean and Amazonian Archaeology and Ethnohistory.htm
Sustainable ecosystems and community news: ENN – environmental news network.com
Project Example: Bolsa Floresta
Cousteau Society
The Conference on Latin American History - Course and links.php
2007 UN report on urban agglomerations.pdf

Aerial Archaeology in Mexico
American Memory
Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations
Ancient Middle America
Arqueolog?a Ecuatoriana
Arqueolog?a de Saraguro
Aztecas - M?xica
Aztecs, Nahuatl, Tenochtitl?n
Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives, Heard Museum  on Native American art and culture
Directorio de Museos y Parques de Panama
Encyclopedia of Television
Ice Mummies of the Inca
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mesoamerica
The Incas Art and Culture
The Inca Project
Institute of International Visual Arts
Instituto Colombiano de Antropolog?a e Historia
The Virtual Inka Trail
Mesoamerican Photo Archives
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Latin America
Mexican Contemporary Art .html
Mexican Film/Mexican Music
Mexican Migration Policy and Governance of Mexicanos Abroad
Mexican Presidential Messages
Mexico from Empire to Revolution
Motion Picture & Television Reading Room Library of Congress
Mundo Maya
Museum Victoria: Ethnohistory
Museu Antropol?gico da Universidade Federal de Goi?s
Museu da Rep?blica
Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia  
Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia da Universidade de S?o Paulo
Museu de Hist?ria Natural e Jardim Bot?nico da UFMG
Museu do Homem Sergipano
Museu do ?ndio
Museu Dom Bosco
Museu Hist?rico Nacional
Museu Imperial
Museu Nacional de Arqueologia de Portugal
Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro
Museu Paraense Em?lio Goeldi
Museu Paranaense
Museu Paulista (Museu do Ipiranga)
Museo Arqueol?gico San Miguel de Azapa Universidad de Tarapac?
Museo de Arqueolog?a, Antropolog?a e Historia del Per?
Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino
Museo Contisuyo Prehistoria Sur Peruana
Museo Etnogr?fico Andr?s Barbero
Museo Nacional de Antropolog?a Mexico
Museo Nacional de Costa Rica
Museo Nacional de Historia Natural y Antropolog?a Uruguay
Museo Nacional de Historia Natural Chile
Museo Popol Vuh Universidad Francisco Marroqu?n
Museo del Oro Orfebreria prehisp?nica
Museu Virtual do Bailique
Museum of Indian Arts and Culture Santa Fe, New Mexico
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book .edu
National Museum of the American Indian - Smithsonian Institution
Secrets of Easter Island Nova On Line
University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art (UECLAA)
Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures
UCLA Film & Television Archive
Portrayals of Native Americans

Centennia Electronic Atlas
Data Maps
Dr. Rumsey - Historical Maps
FAO Map of Land Cover: Latin America and Caribbean
Gardiner's Atlas of English History
Geosource Gateway to Geography and Geosciences
Google Maps
Google Earth
Historical Atlas of Canada
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century
Historical Maps of South America
Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age
Houghton Mifflin maps
How to find a map
LANIC collection of  Maps of Latin America
Latin American Collections at the University of New Mexico
Library of Congress - Geography and Map Division
Live Search Maps - Brasil
Lonely Planet Travel Maps
Map History / History of Cartography
Maps and Geography
MapQuest - Maps and Address
Multimap.com - Online Maps
Oddens' Bookmarks
United Nations - Cartographic
National Geographic - Maps
National Atlas
National Geographic Maps 
Old Glasses – Map Centre
The Perry-Casta?eda Library Map Collection 
Socioambiental - Maps
Stamp Atlas
Tacitus Historical Atlas
United Nations Cartographic Section - Maps 
University of Texas, Maps

U.S. Geological Survey Home Page
U.S. National Atlas
West Point Atlas of American Wars
WHKMLA Historical Atlas
World History by Hyperhistory 
World Resources Institute
WWF Forest Conversion News
Yahoo! Maps

ABC Electronico

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Ag?ncia alternativa da cidade de Porto Velho (RO)
Ag?ncia Amaz?nia de Not?cias
Ag?ncia de Not?cias Rep?rter Social - S?o Paulo SP
Adital - Frei Tito
Ag?ncia Cap?o de Rep?rteres Populares
Ag?ncia Frei Tito de Informa??o para a Am?rica Latina
Ag?ncia Latino Americana de Informa??o
Andes Press Agency
BBC - Americas
BBC News - World Edition: Americas
La Cr?nica de Hoy (Mexico)
Chile Hoy
La Cuarta (Chile)
El Clar?n (Argentina)
Correio Braziliense
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Revista eletr?nica Consci?ncia
Convers? - rede de interc?mbio de pontos de cultura
Coalis?o por uma Radiodifus?o Democr?tica (Argentina)
El Comercio (Ecuador)
Electronic Journals  
El Observador – to the Hispanic population in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Correio da Manh? (Portugal)
Latin American News - Top News Stories from Latin America ...
The Economist - Americas
Est?dio Livre, com apoio para pontos de cultura e comunica??o livre
O Estado de Minas
Di?rio de Not?cias (Portugal)
Diari de Barcelona (Spain)
Desde Abajo - Col?mbia
Folha de S?o Paulo (Folha On-line)
Le Figaro International
Gazeta Mercantil (Invest News Net)
O Globo
Human Rights Watch: Americas
Informativo no Mato GrossoKaxi Ana - Ag?ncia de Not?cias da Amaz?nia
Infolatam - Information and analysis of Latin America
Jeso Carneiro -  Blog de fot?grafo de Santar?m (PA)
Jornal do Brasil
Lanic: Countries of Latin America
Latin Intelligence Service.com
Latin American Studies Association
Latin American Post
Mandat International & Centre d'Accueil pour les D?l?gations et ONG
El Mundo (Spain)
Midia Independente
The Montreal Gazette (Canada)
Le Monde International
La Naci?n (Paraguay)
La Naci?n (Argentina)
La Nacion (San Jose, Costa Rica)
El Nacional (Caracas, Venezuela)
Neo Tao
Noticias Aliadas
Nucleo Piratininga de Comunica??o
New York Times International: Americas
National Post On-line (Canada)
New Yorker Magazine: Online Only
LA in movement
Observat?rio Social
O Pasquim 21
Open Knowledge - Democratizando Comunica??oRadio FAE UFMG
Organiza??o das Na??es Unidas - Escrit?rio Brasil
Ocean Futures Society
OneWorld News - America Latina
Online NewsHour: Latin America Archive | PBS
Organization of American States
El Pa?s (Spain)
El Pais (Uruguay)
Planet Sun (Canada)
La Prensa San Antonio
La Prensa San Diego
La Prensa - Bilingual Newspaper (search also for Cuban, Honduran, Panamanian and Guatemalan editions)
La Raza - Chicago
Presse internationale
Primera L?nea (Chile)
La Rep?blica (Uruguay)
R?dio Favela FM (BH)
R?dios livres da Am?rica Latina
R?dio Muda FM (Campinas SP)
R?dio Nacional
Rede de A??o sobre Inclus?o Digital
Reporter Brasil
Rede Brasil sobre Institui??es Multilaterais
La Rep?blica (Peru)
Time Magazine
El Tiempo (Colombia)
TV Digital, o debate pol?tico e os interesses econ?micos ocultos atr?s do discurso t?cnico
Jornal do Meio Ambiente
?ltima Hora (Paraguay)
Vanderbilt Television News Archive
Washington Post: Americas
The Wall Street Journal (Spanish Edition)
Zero Hora
ZNet Latin American Watch


Expedition confirms existence of uncontacted Indians 8 January 2010 Survival
Swine flu hits Yanomami in Brazilian Amazon 7 January 2010 Survival
Brazilian Guarani tortured and murdered 22 December 200 Survival
Last survivor of uncontacted Amazon tribe attacked 9 December 2009 Survival
Amazon mega dam delayed following protests 3 December 2009 Survival
Highway endangers uncontacted Amazon Indians 27 November 2009 Survival
Brazilian Indian found dead following attack by gunmen 17 November 2009 Survival

Brazil establishes 20,000 sq mi of new indigenous reserves in the Amazon (12/23/2009) Mongabay
The real Avatar story (12/22/2009) Mongabay
Cattle company bulldozing UNESCO site, threatening uncontacted natives (12/09/2009) Mongabay
Brazilian tribe owns carbon rights to Amazon rainforest land (12/09/2009) Mongabay
Google partners with Amazon tribe (10/29/2009) Mongabay
Photos reveal illegal logging near uncontacted natives in Peru (08/17/2009) Mongabay
Native Americans  | 15 april, 2009 | BBC
Land boost for Brazilian Indians  | 19 March 2009 | BBC
'Half celebration' for Brazil Indians 11 Dec 08 | BBC
Brazilian Indians 'win land case' 11 Dec 08 | BBC
Amazon dilemma for Brazil's Indians 15 May 08 | BBC
The Amazon in graphics 12 May 08 | BBC
Malnutrition hits Brazil Indians 05 Mar 05 | BBC
Living with Brazil's landless 14 Apr 03 | BBC

Le Monde - La for?t amazonienne toujours plus d?vast?e.html | 29.01.2009 | LeMonde
Defesa vai dobrar pelot?es de fronteira na Amaz?nia / Yahoo! Not?cias / 04.01.2009.html
Brazil's Petrobras Wants Public to Help It Spend US$ 300 Million in Environment Brazzilmag / 18.08.2008 .com
S America launches trading bloc / BBC / 09.12.2004.stm
Lula: Green aims in the Amazon, The Guardian, 28 Mar
'Blue-eyed bankers' to blame for crash, Lula tells Brown, The Guardian, 26 Mar
Brazil pushes for bigger G20 role, BBC News, 26 Mar

Brazil's banks: Spread bets. A different sort of banker-bashing, The Economist, 19 Mar
Land boost for Brazilian Indians, BBC News, 19 Mar
Lula: G7 nations no longer speak for the world, Daily Telegraph, 16 Mar
Television in Brazil: Soaps, sex and sociology, The Economist, 12 Mar
Brazil cuts basic interest rate to 11.24%, the most in five years, Mercopress, 12 Mar
Brazil upbeat on dealings with US, BBC News, 11 Mar
Lula: The future of human beings is what matters, The Financial Times, 9 Mar
Brazil contemplates a recession but not a meltdown: Reaping the rewards of indolence, The Economist, 5 Mar
Revenge of the rainforest, The Independent, 6 Mar;
Amazon rainforest: Call on consumers to take a stand, The Guardian, 4 Mar
Petrobras sets some ambitious targets | The Economist | 12 Feb 2009  
Online newsletter | Instituto Socioambiental
Tim Killeen| Mobot | 2000   
Lessons From Latin America | the Nation | 04.04.2009
IIRSA Iniciativa para Integra??o da Infraestrutura Regional Sul-americana
IADB Projects in Amazonas
BNDES - Brazilian Development Bank | 12.12.07
Presidente Lula firma decreto de creaci?n del Fondo Amazonia en el BNDES | 31.07.2008
BNDES aprova financiamento de R$ 2,49 bilh?es para constru??o do gasoduto Coari-Manaus (AMAZONAS) |12.12.07
Comit? Orientador del Fondo Amazonia se instala en la sede del BNDES | 24.10.2008
World Wildlife Fund Contributes $3.3 Million to Support Brazilian Protected Areas in the Amazon | WWF  | 20.05.2005
Latest Research Shows Increase in Brazil’s Deforestation | WWF  | 05.12.2008
Amazon Logging Twice as Heavy as Thought, Images Show | National Geographic  | 20.10.2005
Amazon Rain Forest Not Helped by "Light" Logging | National Geographic | 01.08.2006
MST: O Petr?leo tem que ser nosso! | MST | 24/09/2008
Nationalist Lula slogan: "The oil is our" | BrazilMax | 23.08.2008  
Environment News Network: Brazil's State Legislatures Debate Internationalization of the Amazon | Unep |26.05.2006
Brazil: US$24.25 Million Loan for Sustainable Water and Health Services in the State of Amazonas | The World Bank | 27.02.2008 

Ecuador Seeks to Leave Amazon Oil Underground | Yasuni | 30.07.2007
Sting's wife denounces oil-driven "genocide" in Ecuadorian Amazon | EFE | 23/05/2007
Alto Rio Negro on WCPA
Ind?genas defendem rios brasileiros e buscam apoio para suas lutas | LA in movement  | 30.01.2009
FSM Belem: Declaraci?n organizaciones ind?genas de la Amazon?a | LA in movement |01.02.2009
Cortes no Or?amento amea?am projetos ambientais de 2009 | ODM | 28.01.2009
Amazon drought now measured from space | Mongabay | 04.2004
Povos Ind?genas do Brasil | Instituto Socioambiental  | 2009  
Ind?genas reagem contra prospec??o e explora??o de petr?leo e g?s na fronteira Brasil-Peru | Instituto Socioambiental | 22.10.2008 (Portuguese)
ONGs e ind?genas discutem petr?leo | Instituto Socioambiental | 17.10.2008 (Portuguese) 
Petr?leo amea?a animais na Amaz?nia ocidental | Instituto Socioambiental | 13.08.2008 (Portuguese)
IPS BRAZIL: Guaran? Education Empowers Women Leaders | IPS | 02.2009
OECD: Brazil as the best country to face global crisis | Brazilink | 28.01.2009
Record levels of ethanol and biodiesel in Brazil  | Brazilink | 28.01.2009
Latin America: Crisis behind bars | BBC Americas | 16.11.2005
List of 100 people responsible for the largest acts of illegal deforestation in the Amazon | BBC Brasil |29.09.2008
Estudo questiona "Savaniza??o" da Amaz?nia | BBC Brasil | 10.02.2009 (Portuguese) 
Reforma das For?as Armadas | BBC Brasil | Forum (Portuguese)
O Desafio da Amaz?nia | BBC Brasil | 11.06.2008 (Portuguese)
Moving Amazon cooperation from paper to practice | EcoAm?ricas | 04.2006  
Rosal?a Arteaga of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty | Encyclopedia Britannica | 09.04. 2007
El Amazonas en peligro | Econom?a | Deutsche Welle | 10.06.2005 (Spanish)