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Administrator: Amos Megged, Chairperson, the Helena Lewin Chair in Latin American Studies, University of Haifa.

Moderator: Juliano Klevanskis Candido, Departament of General History, University of Haifa.

The Helena Lewin Chair in Latin American Studies at the University of Haifa is inaugurating an initiative entitled “Latin American Ambassadors’ Forum”, aimed to promote discussions and dialogues on foreign policy, and current political, social, and economic transformations in contemporary Latin America. The encounters will be transmitted live in our website:

The objective of this initiative is to create an official form for discussion and dialogue between diplomats from Latin America in Israel. A forum that will be open not only to the diplomatic community, but also to a broader audience including members of the academic community, diplomatic correspondents, foreign correspondents, researchers, etc.

It consists in a round of meetings, held at regular intervals, throughout the academic year, in which a speaker – one of the ambassadors accredited to Israel – will present and discuss the positions of his or her country on issues related to current political, social, and economic transformations, and of bilateral or international interests.

All the encounters will take place at the Ofer Observatory (30th floor, the eshkol Tower)

The Latin American Ambassadors’ Forum will strive to make public information on Latin America’s socio-economic issues and foreign policies as well as promote cooperation between Latin America Embassies in an era where the lines between domestic and international developments are becoming increasingly blurred.

I would like to thank H.E. Federico Salas Lotfe, Ambassador of Mexico to Israel, for speaking at the University of Haifa.
In his talk, the Ambassador balances Mexico's reality of crime and violence in the context of its positive atributes.

Attached, you will find the video:
Video from the Latin American Ambassadors Forum