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The Helena Lewin Chair in Latin American Studies at the University of Haifa aims to bring to light focal issues belonging to the social, political, environmental, and indigenous areas and themes in Latin America. By initiating a number of international projects and conferences related to these themes, the Chair aims to further develop public awareness over these past and present issues.

In this spirit, back in 2002, this Chair initiated an international symposium that dealt with Impunity and Human Rights in Latin America, from the legal angle in which leading jurists from Latin America and Spain participated. Our next symposium deals with the Amazon Forest and the human repercussions of its over-exploitation. For the past ten years, the Helena Lewin Chair has promoted a Latin American Studies program, based on existing courses as well as newly created courses for BA and MA, and is currently engaged in the preparation of newly-developed courses on Mesoamerican pictography, together with the Department of Art History.



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