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Amos Megged, Chair, Ph.D. (1988), University of Cambridge, is a Senior Lecturer in General History at University of Haifa, Israel. He was an editorial board member of Colonial Latin American Historical Review. His present research deals with the restructuring of memory among indigenous peoples in the Valley of Mexico, c. 1530-1590. He has written articles on the social, cultural and religious facets of early-colonial Mesoamerica. His recent publications include:

    • Comparative Studies in Mesoamerican Systems of Remembrance. University of Oklahoma Press. Edited with Stephanie Wood (2009) [in press ]
    • Social Memory in Ancient and Colonial Mesoamerica. Publicaciones de la Casa Chata, CIESAS, Cambridge University Press (2009) [in press ]

Before the Spanish Conquest and well into the eighteenth century, Mesoamerican peoples believed that “time” and “space” were contained in earthly and heavenly receptacles that were visualized metaphorically. This circumscribed space contained the abodes of the dead. There, deities and ancestral spirits could be revived and the living could communicate with them. In Social Memory in Ancient and Colonial Mesoamerica, Amos Megged uncovers the missing links in Mesoamerican peoples’ quest for their collective past. Analyzing ancient repositories of knowledge, as well as social and religious practices, he uncovers the unique procedures and formulas by which social memory was communicated and how it operated in Mesoamerica prior to the Spanish conquest. He also explores how cherished and revived practices evolved, how they were adapted to changing circumstances, and how they helped various ethnic groups cope with the tribulations of colonization and Christianization. Megged’s volume also suggests how social and cultural historians, ethnohistorians, and anthropologists can rethink indigenous representations of the past while taking into account the deep transformations in Mexican society during the colonial era.

    • Cambio y persistencia: La religi?n ind?gena en Chiapas, 1521-1680, M?xico, CIESAS (2008)
    • The social significance of benevolent and malevolent gifts among single cast women in mid-seventeenth-century New Spain. Journal of Family History, Vol. 24, No. 4, 420-440 (1999)
    • Exporting the Catholic Reformation: Local Religion in Early-Colonial Mexico. Series: Cultures, Beliefs, and Traditions. Medieval and Early Modern Peoples, vol. 2, New York, Brill (1996)

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